Become a Firestarter

The Firestarter Manifesto

A Firestarter owns her fire as a woman. She will always share her fire with others in need, in their dark moments. Together we create a safe space to cast light onto the parts of us that hold doubt and fear. We combine our flames to create an inferno of success. Bring light to the good and the bad. Ignite the good in each other and fan each others flames as we burn all the parts that no longer serve our purpose driven life.

It’s not about age. Color. Education. Religion. Career. Height. Weight.

The Firestarter does not judge. She does not criticise.As a circle we don’t do comfort zones, excuses or pity parties. We have our moments. We cry. We scream. We burn.

We are committed to Igniting our passion and the passion in others. Burning through limiting beliefs, obstacles and learned behaviors. We are breaking any curses here and now.

A firestarter is committed to giving and accepting support. She celebrates her sisters. She takes massive action which includes rest and self care. We encourage you to be the light when you can, accept the light when you need it, fan the flames of the others and focus on collaboration over competition, connection over comparison.

We meet each month to help each other rise up and above. We discuss topics that will help us all grow as a woman and as a business. We remind each other it’s ok to not be ok all the time. We also light a fire under you to go after your dreams!And together we soar in support and sisterhood.


Firestarter Application:


There is no right or wrong here, so please just answer from your most authentic self.




Girls on Fire:

Girls on Fire is about being authentic. It's about accepting that we WILL fail but together we can move through the failures, bad days and challenges with ease by helping each other.

It's about growing our network, net worth and our businesses.

It is about being a true Girl On Fire meaning we own our shit!

But....This group is not for every woman.

It's NOT about pitching and selling.

It's NOT about staying in your comfort zone or having pity parties.

We ignite our passions daily, we burn through the BS holding us back from achieving our desired outcome, we rise in confidence and collaboration and we soar in support!

You will find success equal to the people you surround yourself with so let's build each other up and create an inferno of success!

We do hope you understand this is a decision we do not take lightly and we do hope that you will still consider being a Girl on Fire if you are not chosen as a Firestarter at this time.

Brandy Hollaway CEO, The Phoenix Factor & Creator of Girls On Fire