Classes & Learning Materials

Classes & Learning Materials

We offer a range of courses designed to help you take your business to the new heights. Please check out a few of our newest courses below.

Girls on Fire Inferno Bundle!

A massive video library with Brandy's and Vanessa's top secrets for branding and content creation!

The Inferno Bundle shows you proven ways to grow your business faster. Take advantage of this limited time offer to get the entire Girls on Fire video library!

1. Content creation for 1 year – workbook
2. Content planner – monthly worksheet
3. Content strategy
4. Email templates

1. Ignite your brand video
2. Ignite your brand handout

1. LinkedIn video
2. Ignite your LinkedIn .pdf
3. Instagram video
4. 30 day instagram plan infograph .pdf
5. IGTV video
6. Inner circle videos

1. LinedIn course – video
2. Instagram course – video
3. Canva tutorial – video
4. Inshot tutorial – video

1. #ownyourfire
2. 30 days to ignite your brand .pdf
3. Get the six – 6 figure mindest .pdf
4. Burn worksheet .pdf

Dead cat, 3 point lighting/lighting tips, microphones, o-ring light, planning your video, trim and cut, rule of thirds, stacking audio, voiceover, zoom with your feet, re-watch your videos, the shot, under/overexposed, be mindful of the first frame, establishing shots, turn off auto focus, screen sharing, bandwidth, and playing with your equipment.

What to do with your hands, positions on stage, grabbing someone’s attention in 10 seconds, plan and practice, pausing, contingency plan, cheating out, check your emotions at the door, breathing techniques, body language, breaking the fourth wall, how to be comfortable when shooting video/on the stage, the use of color, teleprompter, and interrupting.

Are you obsolete, adapting, be prepared, do you have a job or business, listen, facts not fiction, hidden costs, hone your message, pain versus pleasure, product ideas, protect your eggs, setting up your business, ship it, shut up, the 4 d’s, the 36 month rule, validating your customers, you have been misled, you are not as smart as you think you are, and zombie lawyers.

LinkedIn 101!

Learn new ways to take your business to the next level.

This course shows you proven ways to grow your business faster. Follow along as Brandy Hollaway shows you her secrets to LinkedIn success.

Canva 101!

Create amazing images easily!

Canva allows you to quickly create beautiful media to promote your brand, all using your phone or tablet!

Instagram 101!

Take your brand to the next level!

Brandy’s Instagram 101 course shows you her inside tips on how to make Instagram work for your brand.