Burning Boundaries

Burning Boundaries

This is going to singe your boundaries a little. Why? Mostly because your current boundaries are established to create space for comfort, not growth.

I have been the biggest extinguisher in my own life for many years because of these boundaries.

You set those boundaries created for comfort based on what someone else has made you believe. Based on a lie. We all lie. We lie to avoid conflict. We lie to seek or grant acceptance. We lie in the chase for approval. But when you decide to own your fire, those lies start spontaneously bursting into flames.

To own your fire, you become every part of it. There are no outside forces, obstacles or excuses to defeat you. You burn. You rise. Each time becoming stronger. Fortified by the lessons. Humbled by the experiences. More driven by the clarity.

Most can’t take the heat from the burning moments of truth. They look to others to fuel their fire. They give away their power because they can’t take the unknown. I know because I was one of them. I used to talk a big game as I walked around in my self made, flame resistant, shroud of bullshit excuses. I was soaked in sweat, not because I was owning my fire… because I feared someone would catch onto the imposter syndrome I was experiencing.
And one day, thinking I had nothing to lose, I decided to burn and rise as many freaking times as it took!

So do me a favor. Take a look into your fire. Yes it’s burning. But for what? For whom? How? And as you seek the answers to those questions, question the path you always take to find your answers, to create a spark. Is the very thing igniting your passion just a camouflaged red flag you keep avoiding because you don’t really believe there’s a better way of life? Maybe you don’t believe you deserve better. I sure as hell didn’t. See!!! It’s a freaking lie! So I questioned everything. Why? What? Who? How? It burned the corners of my brain that had been dark for so long. It cast a light on my shame and guilt. My heart bursts into flames from all the lies I held close as truth. And then… I knew I must work daily to burn through the stories. Burn though the boundaries. They weren’t protecting me. They were imprisoning me.

You don’t know what you don’t know. So burn through the misconceptions. Burn through the fear. Burn through it all! Because that’s the only way to create the inferno of success. #ownyourfire

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