You’re not broken

You’re not broken

$36. I had $36 in my account.

I needed food.
I needed gas.

Rent was due in 10 days!

I was so fuxking scared and out of my mind with a 2 & 5 year old. The worst part… this wasn’t the 1st time. So I did what I do best. I hustled my ass off. I picked up a client and I raised my price. Not because I needed the money. Because I deserved the money!

You see I grew up with no money. So I just stayed in that space of scarcity. I played it out in so many parts of my life. When you think you NEED something you lose your fire. You suddenly look to that thing to fan the flames and when it doesn’t, you’re left cold and in the dark. So let’s look at the things you NEED. Air, Water, Shelter, Clothes, Food in a nutshell. So when I thought about “making a living”, I made decisions from the space I was as a child. Are you doing that now? Ask yourself right now, “Why do I need/want in my life?” How do you decide what you’re going to eat, who you’re going to spend time with, how much money you will make?

I didn’t know I deserved better. I had lived in scarcity, debt, heartache, shame and more for so long I was overwhelmed by all of it. So the day I woke up to $36 in my account, I took out a dollar bill. I wrote “Make it a million by 2021!” on it. It’s sitting in front of me right now. The truth. If you only have $36 in your account, that’s on you. If you’re in a shitty relationship/friendship, that’s on you. If you’re choosing to live in a way that is causing you misery, heartache, shame, guilt… any thing that doesn’t align or contribute to your personal growth, self love and financial freedom then why in the hell aren’t you doing something about it? You’re scared? It will be a lot scarier waking up 10 years from now in the same situation. You’re feeling less than, not smart enough, good enough? That’s a BS story someone else put in your brain!

Burn it!

Burn it all!

Burn all that shit that’s not serving your desired outcome. Write down your goals. Surround yourself with people that will push you to go after them instead of extinguishing your fire!Own your fire babe!

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