Raising Hell & Raising Babies

Raising Hell & Raising Babies

I never thought I would be a mother. I actually had convinced myself I didn’t want kids and I would just travel. I got pregnant at 36 with Jace and 40 with Mattie.

I have the absolute worst relationships with their fathers because I refuse to play into that negative, bullying behavior every again. I’ve been broke and broken most of the last 10 years trying to figure out how to take care of them, me and live my dreams. I think I finally realized I wasn’t broken, I was just holding onto to broken stories. So I let that sh¡t go!

I have sacrificed a lot the last 10 years. But it built the woman I am today and I freaking love me. I’m a proud Momma! Yes I feel like I’m screwing up a lot. Yes I wish things could have been different.

But let me assure you… They are the absolute best gift I could ever ask for. They make me feel alive and driven every damn day. And this year really created magic in our lives in a lot of ways financially and spiritually. I decided to be honest and open with them about life, love, business and teaching them daily to own their fire!

I remind them daily to be grateful. To be kind. But most of all that they deserve the absolute best but it doesn’t mean someone will give it to them. I want them to have the skills and knowledge to build their own infernos of success in life and business one day!

I feel like a screw up most of the time but then there are moments like this. When they look so happy. So healthy. So loved. And I know they will become amazing contributors to the world.

Here’s to raising hell and raising babies to change the world for the better!

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