Where did you learn what hard is?

Where did you learn what hard is?

Think about the word “hard”. How do you know something is hard to do? What do you gauge it against? And how do you know something is easy? Aside from the obvious factors I want to challenge you to break down hard and burn any lingering excuses. I hear so many women at our socials each month use that word… “It’s so hard.” So I’m pretty sure everything was hard when you first attempted it. It was different. It was new. It’s challenging.

I love a challenge. I don’t like hard. It’s all about your self talk sometimes. It’s what someone told you was hard. It’s an excuse they learned to sit on the sidelines and you didn’t know you could jump in the game irregardless of their complacency. It’s game time!!!

Singe the learned behaviors. Extinguish the negative self talk that creeps in often disguised as hard work when in fact it’s just work. It’s just another log that needs to be prepped for your inferno of success.

I mean if you’re truly passionate about your work it should be rewarding. It should spark joy! Maybe not in the moment but when you know you’ve accomplished something, don’t you get those “Hell yeah!” vibes?

So stop saying things are hard. Stop underestimating your awesomeness. Stop allowing others to extinguish your fire!

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