As an entrepreneur,  there are 2 foundational truths that will make or break you.

1. No one is coming to help you.
2. You will fail.

Walk into each day knowing that YOU must seek the people, places and things you need to make your business grow. You must make the calls. You must take the massive action instead of thinking others will. They aren’t going to just knock on your door.

Accept 100% responsibility for EVERYTHING  going on in your business. The good, the bad and the ugly. Your ability to  be response”able” is key. Own your fire and be prepared to build it every day. Be proactive not reactive. Develop a process , operate from that process and audit that process and operation often. What’s working? What’s not working? How can you work smarter NOT harder! I assure you any successful entrepreneur will tell you that hustling means being productive, not busy!
Then there’s the F word. Failure. Some of us walk around wearing it like a badge of honor or even worse a label. Some run from it. But the only way to own success is to know that it is part of the journey. Failure is a moment. It will pass.

What matters is what you choose to do in the moments that follow. No one is coming to help you but there are a million people that will help you.. so ask. Keep asking. No shame in that game. Failure is simple. It’s a process of finding what does not work for the situation you are currently in. So you pivot. You don’t give up! You still want the same thing, but you need to pivot and try a new approach. And while you’re at it, you should burn the little voice that keeps telling you failure means you’re not smart enough, good enough or educated enough.

We all have a “job” because we are creating solutions, filling needs and solving problems that someone asked for. Your “job” is to be clear about what solution you offer or how you are alleviating pain points for someone. What are they failing at? What keeps them up at night? What can they expect from you?

Know the proposition value of what you’re offering. Understand how your product or service will contribute serving your client long after you’ve completed your work with them.

This will be a catalyst to charging what you’re worth vs what you think people will pay. Read that last sentence again. You mindset about your service and product is the logs you throw into your fire daily. Your proposition value is the catalyst. Together you can create one hell of a fire!

And even though no one is coming to help, I can promise you the minute you take on the role as a servant leader, help will be available in abundance. An abundant mindset is key. If you make it all about money, you will burn out and burn through your finances. Abundance is the philosophy that money offers freedom and options. Money is allocated , not owned. Money is a form of exchange to live the life you desire based on your abundant mindset instead of your desired lifestyle being based on how much money you have.

Abundance and failure can coexist, so stop telling yourself that story. The only thing failure is going to cost you is the lesson you learn and the amount of time you spend dwelling on the failure.

You will fail. You should fail. You need to fail.

Failing is NOT losing nor does it make you a loser unless you’re treating your business like a game.

If you don’t fail in some way daily then you are trapped inside the zone. The comfort zone. The space where you are doing just enough to get by. You are surrounding yourself with people but not the ones that push you to do more, to be more. You are existing in a dark corner of complacency instead of igniting in a fire built by logs of perseverance, passion and intent.

No , do not literally go out and sabotage so that you fail! Quite the opposite. But allow yourself the space to fail. Reframe the thoughts around it until you see the potential in failing forward.

There will be days that fire within has dwindled to a small ember. But that’s ok. That’s all you need! Just be certain you’ve got the kindling you need to light that freaking fire up again!

Fuel it with mentors and coaches. Find the people,  places and things that fan the flames not extinguish them. You will fail. But that’s just a moment in time. It will pass. And then you can light the whole damn thing up again and again until it’s burning so strong that it withstands those moments of what if’s and should have’s.

It will take time to find the exact logs you need to create an inferno of success. But time well spent in preparation, planning, processing and productivity will yield that inferno and cast a solid light on your path instead of allowing yourself to sit in the dark and confusion.

So own your fire, every damn day!

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